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YYLL outlet Music Shelf A-Frame Musical Guita Max 68% OFF Professional Rack Holder

YYLL Music Shelf A-Frame Musical Rack Holder, Professional Guita


YYLL Music Shelf A-Frame Musical Rack Holder, Professional Guita

Product description


Product Description: It's a compact portable guitar stand,recommend for acoustic guitar stand,classical guitar,electric guitar stand. You will be surprised to find that it can be folded into a small package and unfold easily.It can withstand heavy guitars firmly.

Music Stand Specifications:
Material: aluminum alloy +ABS
Colour: Silver
size: Longitudinal tube height 310MM, lateral foot length 285MM Guitar bracket plane length 185mm
Model Number: guitar Accessories

Package Contents:1 X A-Frame electric guitar floor stand holder
Only the above package content, other products are not included.

1. High quality steel construction.
2. Non-slip rubber feet
3. Folds flat for convenient storage and portability.
4. Protect your guitar, space-saving, freely adjustable.

▲ Tips:
1. If a slight odor is normal, it will disappear within two to three days.
2. A slight color error may occur due to different shooting tools, this is not a quality issue, Please refer to the actual product!
3. We have many similar hot products, please click to enter our store, we will tell you the unique style and special products.

YYLL Music Shelf A-Frame Musical Rack Holder, Professional Guita

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