Trlec gt4-ly 2 pcs 60-80cm 6 Bar Round Stools Checks Cushion Be super welcome wit Home Kitchen , Furniture,2,wit,gt4-ly,Cushion,Trlec,/Kaddish2701422.html,Stools,Bar,60-80cm,Round,Checks,6,pcs,,$97 $97 Trlec gt4-ly 2 pcs 60-80cm 6 Checks Round Cushion Bar Stools wit Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,2,wit,gt4-ly,Cushion,Trlec,/Kaddish2701422.html,Stools,Bar,60-80cm,Round,Checks,6,pcs,,$97 Trlec gt4-ly 2 pcs 60-80cm 6 Bar Round Stools Checks Cushion Be super welcome wit $97 Trlec gt4-ly 2 pcs 60-80cm 6 Checks Round Cushion Bar Stools wit Home Kitchen Furniture

Trlec Luxury goods gt4-ly 2 pcs 60-80cm 6 Bar Round Stools Checks Cushion Be super welcome wit

Trlec gt4-ly 2 pcs 60-80cm 6 Checks Round Cushion Bar Stools wit


Trlec gt4-ly 2 pcs 60-80cm 6 Checks Round Cushion Bar Stools wit

Product description

Specifications: 1.Cushion Depth: 15.75 / 40cm 2.Cushion Width: 16.93 / 43cm 3. Backrest Width: 16.93 / 43cm 4. Backrest Height: 12.6 / 32cm 5. Cushion from Ground Height: (23.62-31.5) / (60-80)cm(Adjustable Height) 6. The Bottom Diameter of the Bar Chair: 15.16 / 38.5cm 7. Filler Material: High Density Sponge 8. Surface Material: PU Leather 9. Chassis Material: Chrome Plated Steel 10. Pneumatic Rod: Nitrogen Hydraulic Pneumatic Rod 11. Color: Black 12. Whether with Handrails: Yes 13. Bearing Weight: 150kg / 330.69lbs 14. Single Bar Chair Weight: 8.3kg / 18.3lbs Package Includes: 2 x Bar Chairs 1 x Installation Tools 1 x Assembly Instruction

Trlec gt4-ly 2 pcs 60-80cm 6 Checks Round Cushion Bar Stools wit

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