NBJT 1.5mm Round Max 66% OFF Clear Tablecloth PVC Table Soft Glass Transpare $21 NBJT 1.5mm Round Clear Tablecloth,PVC Soft Glass Table Transpare Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Glass,local675.ca,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Transpare,/aboveproof2445110.html,Soft,$21,Table,Tablecloth,PVC,1.5mm,Round,NBJT,Clear $21 NBJT 1.5mm Round Clear Tablecloth,PVC Soft Glass Table Transpare Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining NBJT 1.5mm Round Max 66% OFF Clear Tablecloth PVC Table Soft Glass Transpare Glass,local675.ca,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Transpare,/aboveproof2445110.html,Soft,$21,Table,Tablecloth,PVC,1.5mm,Round,NBJT,Clear

NBJT 1.5mm Round Max 66% OFF Clear Tablecloth PVC Table Soft Max 76% OFF Glass Transpare

NBJT 1.5mm Round Clear Tablecloth,PVC Soft Glass Table Transpare


NBJT 1.5mm Round Clear Tablecloth,PVC Soft Glass Table Transpare

Product description

Size:40cm/ 15.7in Round

You can bought this to cover natural wood kitchen table ,it has protected the varnish on the beautiful wood underneath,the best thing is can still see the 'beauty' of the natural wood.


- PVC quality is good and very thick which means it stays put

- The surface of the transparent PVC tablecloth is polished and very smooth. Although there is no glue, it is sticky.Good non-slip finish

-it has been easy to wipe and looks very clean once wiped

You can bought this for the dining room table in a holiday home.Suitable for wood tables and desks ,you can still see the natural beauty of the wood.

The soft glass is heat resistant at 70-80 degrees, and the hot soup bowl can be placed directly.Can be used as a bowl mat

Due to the material of the tablecloth is PVC, and rolled up to ship, this doesn’t Naturally sit flat evenly when first put on Table, given 24 hours in a warm room with some heavy books on top helped to flatten it down.

If you need to other sizes, please contact us, 1~2 days can be shipped, 15-20 days can be arrived.

If you receive size errors, some bubbles or scratches, please contact us anytime, we will give you a good solution. We provide customers with all after-sales services. Thank you for your suggestion.

NBJT 1.5mm Round Clear Tablecloth,PVC Soft Glass Table Transpare

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