Wzdszuilsd Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3 in Smart Sweeping Automatic 1 online shop Wzdszuilsd Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3 in Smart Sweeping Automatic 1 online shop $117 Wzdszuilsd Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 3 in 1 Automatic Smart Sweeping Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care Wzdszuilsd,/aboveproof2445410.html,in,Sweeping,Robot,Vacuum,3,local675.ca,Automatic,Cleaner,,$117,1,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,Smart $117 Wzdszuilsd Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 3 in 1 Automatic Smart Sweeping Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care Wzdszuilsd,/aboveproof2445410.html,in,Sweeping,Robot,Vacuum,3,local675.ca,Automatic,Cleaner,,$117,1,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,Smart

Wzdszuilsd Robot Vacuum Cleaner 3 in Smart Sweeping Automatic 1 online NEW before selling ☆ shop

Wzdszuilsd Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 3 in 1 Automatic Smart Sweeping


Wzdszuilsd Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 3 in 1 Automatic Smart Sweeping

Product description

Robot vacuum cleaner with mop and fully automatic water tank which allows a comfortable cleaning experience sound level up
Round shape, exquisite avant-garde, lightweight and compact, comfortable and safe.

Ultra-quiet vacuum box and super-absorption capacity, can easily clean and wipe all kinds of impurities on the ground.

Ultra-thin body design, can easily drill under the table, furniture, sofa, sweeping to every corner of the room.

Material: ABS material

Product size: 28 * 28 * 6.5CM

Net weight: 17KG

Battery: 1200 mAh lithium battery

Charging: USB charging

Voltage: 3. 7V

Power: 3W

Noise: 55db

Charging time: about 180min

Use time: about 90min

Wzdszuilsd Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 3 in 1 Automatic Smart Sweeping

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