Chair,Lazy,Computer,,Chair,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,Office,seat,B,Lift,Employee,Home,/aboveproof2701110.html,$102 $102 Computer Chair Home Office Chair Lift Chair Employee Lazy seat B Home Kitchen Furniture Computer Chair Home Office New life Lift B Employee Lazy seat Computer Chair Home Office New life Lift B Employee Lazy seat Chair,Lazy,Computer,,Chair,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Chair,Office,seat,B,Lift,Employee,Home,/aboveproof2701110.html,$102 $102 Computer Chair Home Office Chair Lift Chair Employee Lazy seat B Home Kitchen Furniture

Computer Chair Home Office New life Lift B Employee Lazy seat Some reservation

Computer Chair Home Office Chair Lift Chair Employee Lazy seat B


Computer Chair Home Office Chair Lift Chair Employee Lazy seat B

Product description

material: plastic
Plastic material: PVC
Color classification: black frame blue net
Fabric material: mesh
Whether it can be folded: No
Product size: as shown
Product packaging size: 51X50X26cm
Package weight: 11 kg
Whether it can be raised and lowered: Yes
Whether it can be rotated: Yes
Whether to lie down: No
Whether it can be stacked: No
Five-star waste: nylon feet
Handrail type: Rotating handrail

Computer Chair Home Office Chair Lift Chair Employee Lazy seat B

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