Excelliti Personalized Exotic Manufacturer OFFicial shop Bison Wild Buffalo Animal Watercol Bison,Wild,Animal,$30,Baby Products , Nursery,Watercol,Personalized,/aboveproof2701210.html,Excelliti,local675.ca,Exotic,Buffalo Bison,Wild,Animal,$30,Baby Products , Nursery,Watercol,Personalized,/aboveproof2701210.html,Excelliti,local675.ca,Exotic,Buffalo $30 Excelliti Personalized Exotic Bison Buffalo Wild Animal Watercol Baby Products Nursery Excelliti Personalized Exotic Manufacturer OFFicial shop Bison Wild Buffalo Animal Watercol $30 Excelliti Personalized Exotic Bison Buffalo Wild Animal Watercol Baby Products Nursery

Import Excelliti Personalized Exotic Manufacturer OFFicial shop Bison Wild Buffalo Animal Watercol

Excelliti Personalized Exotic Bison Buffalo Wild Animal Watercol


Excelliti Personalized Exotic Bison Buffalo Wild Animal Watercol

Product description

Size:Medium (50x60in)

Are you looking for baby girl stuff and baby boy stuff on Baby shower, Christening, Welcome home, Mum to be, etc.?

This Personalized Exotic Bison Buffalo Wild Animal Watercolor Background Fleece Throw Blanket will be the perfect baby boy gifts and girl on any special Occasion. Why?

Ultra-Soft Our Fleece Baby Blanket is super soft and gentle on baby's skin since it is made from 100% premium flannel fleece material, super soft and comfortable for baby's sensitive skin, wrinkle-resistant, and requires absolutely no ironing. These baby blankets present a soft and gentle place for the baby to snuggle and sleep. Wrapping your baby up in our blankets offers the baby a warm and cozy place to rest their head.

Thoughtful Gift For Any Occasion Personalized Exotic Bison Buffalo Wild Animal Watercolor Background baby blanket is a special gift for a baby shower gift, birthday, christening, back to school or for mom's first days home from the hospital maternity wing. Your newborn, kid, toddler will surely like this safari nursery decor baby bedding.

Usage Scenarios light enough for year round nursery trips and warm enough when your toddler is snug on the couch in winter or nice sleeping under air conditioning.

3 Sizes Size Small (30x40 in) is perfect for infants, Medium (50x60 in) for toddler, Large (60x80 in) for children to adult. Personalize your kid’s name in the jungle of cute animals, she/he will surely love it.


Available in three sizes: 30x40in, 50x60in, and 60x80in
Made with 100% soft and silky polyester Hemmed edges
Ultra-high definition, full bleed, photo quality printing
Printed in the USA
Machine washable, no fading or discoloration

Excelliti Personalized Exotic Bison Buffalo Wild Animal Watercol

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