local675.ca,$163,DYJDZ,/aboveproof2701310.html,Rechargeable,Baby,ZLDGYG,Hair,Clipper,Electric,Waterproof,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care $163 ZLDGYG DYJDZ Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper Electric Baby Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $163 ZLDGYG DYJDZ Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper Electric Baby Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Dedication ZLDGYG DYJDZ Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper Baby Electric local675.ca,$163,DYJDZ,/aboveproof2701310.html,Rechargeable,Baby,ZLDGYG,Hair,Clipper,Electric,Waterproof,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care Dedication ZLDGYG DYJDZ Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper Baby Electric

Dedication ZLDGYG Max 60% OFF DYJDZ Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper Baby Electric

ZLDGYG DYJDZ Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper Electric Baby


ZLDGYG DYJDZ Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper Electric Baby

Product description

Power Type: Rechargeable
model: KM-5107
Voltage: 110-240V
frequency: 50-60Hz
Power: 5 W
charging time: 10 Hours
Using Time: 60 minutes
Item Size: 16*4.5cm
Item Weight: approx. 160g
weight (inlude box): approx. 523g
Power Type: Chargeable battery

ZLDGYG DYJDZ Waterproof Rechargeable Hair Clipper Electric Baby

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