Chilechuan Car San Francisco Mall Vacuum Cleaner Multi-Func -12V $49 Chilechuan Car Vacuum Cleaner -12V Vacuum Cleaner Car Multi-Func Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care $49 Chilechuan Car Vacuum Cleaner -12V Vacuum Cleaner Car Multi-Func Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care /accend2701412.html,Chilechuan,Vacuum,$49,,Multi-Func,Car,Cleaner,-12V,Vacuum,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,Cleaner,Car /accend2701412.html,Chilechuan,Vacuum,$49,,Multi-Func,Car,Cleaner,-12V,Vacuum,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,Cleaner,Car Chilechuan Car San Francisco Mall Vacuum Cleaner Multi-Func -12V

Chilechuan Car San 67% OFF of fixed price Francisco Mall Vacuum Cleaner Multi-Func -12V

Chilechuan Car Vacuum Cleaner -12V Vacuum Cleaner Car Multi-Func


Chilechuan Car Vacuum Cleaner -12V Vacuum Cleaner Car Multi-Func

Product description

Product description
Name: 60W vacuum cleaner
Size: 34 * 9 * 11CM
Weight: 500 grams
Voltage: 12V
Currently: 5A
Power: 60W
Material: ABS + copper wire
PS: Customizable LOGO

Chilechuan Car Vacuum Cleaner -12V Vacuum Cleaner Car Multi-Func

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