Bottle,MQQ,,Elegant,/accend2701512.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Glass,Crystal,Decanter,,1300ML/2000ML,Wi,$74,Wine MQQ 1300ML 2000ML Wine 25% OFF Decanter Crystal Bottle Glass Elegant Wi Bottle,MQQ,,Elegant,/accend2701512.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Glass,Crystal,Decanter,,1300ML/2000ML,Wi,$74,Wine $74 MQQ 1300ML/2000ML Wine Decanter, Elegant Crystal Glass Bottle Wi Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining MQQ 1300ML 2000ML Wine 25% OFF Decanter Crystal Bottle Glass Elegant Wi $74 MQQ 1300ML/2000ML Wine Decanter, Elegant Crystal Glass Bottle Wi Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

MQQ 1300ML 2000ML Wine 25% OFF Decanter Crystal Max 69% OFF Bottle Glass Elegant Wi

MQQ 1300ML/2000ML Wine Decanter, Elegant Crystal Glass Bottle Wi


MQQ 1300ML/2000ML Wine Decanter, Elegant Crystal Glass Bottle Wi

Product description


Product Name: Decanter
Main material: crystal glass, bottom bump design
Capacity: 1300ML/2000ML
Maximum diameter: 15/19cm in diameter
Height: 28/29.5cm
Size: 15x28cm-1300ml; 19x29.5cm-1500ml
Artificially blown lead-free crystal glass

MQQ 1300ML/2000ML Wine Decanter, Elegant Crystal Glass Bottle Wi

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