Pads,Reusable,Bed,NXM,Health Household , Household Supplies,$23,for,Incontinence,Washable,,/alalus2445560.html,Bed,Washable,Pad Pads,Reusable,Bed,NXM,Health Household , Household Supplies,$23,for,Incontinence,Washable,,/alalus2445560.html,Bed,Washable,Pad NXM Washable Bed Pads Reusable Pad Ranking TOP13 for Incontinence NXM Washable Bed Pads Reusable Pad Ranking TOP13 for Incontinence $23 NXM Washable Bed Pads Bed Pad for Incontinence Reusable Washable Health Household Household Supplies $23 NXM Washable Bed Pads Bed Pad for Incontinence Reusable Washable Health Household Household Supplies

NXM Washable Bed Pads Fixed price for sale Reusable Pad Ranking TOP13 for Incontinence

NXM Washable Bed Pads Bed Pad for Incontinence Reusable Washable


NXM Washable Bed Pads Bed Pad for Incontinence Reusable Washable

Product description

washable cleaning mats your best choice! Designed specifically for dogs, these reusable mats are perfect for potty training a puppy or for older, incontinent dogs.
Fast drying.
The cleaning mat features a quick-drying surface to keep your puppy's paws dry.
Absorbents and anti-leaks.
The waterproof polyurethane liner creates a protective barrier to prevent leaks onto your floors and carpets.
Neutralizes odors.
mat helps reduce bad odors to keep a clean and healthy home, even with frequent use.

Characteristics :
Machine washable.
Reusable and unscented.
No need for ironing.
No need for dry cleaning.
No need for bleach.
Dimensions: 70 * 90cm / 27.55 * 35.43inch

Multiple applications:
For cleaning puppies.
As a sleeping mat for a puppy.
As a play mat.

Content: 1 cleaning mat

NXM Washable Bed Pads Bed Pad for Incontinence Reusable Washable

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