$140 Royal Jewelz Lab-Created Gemstone double drop Pendant in 10k Yel Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Royal Jewelz Lab-Created Gemstone double Dedication in Yel Pendant 10k drop /alalus2829360.html,drop,10k,Jewelz,Pendant,Royal,double,in,$140,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Yel,Gemstone,Lab-Created,local675.ca $140 Royal Jewelz Lab-Created Gemstone double drop Pendant in 10k Yel Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Royal Jewelz Lab-Created Gemstone double Dedication in Yel Pendant 10k drop /alalus2829360.html,drop,10k,Jewelz,Pendant,Royal,double,in,$140,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Yel,Gemstone,Lab-Created,local675.ca

Royal Jewelz Lab-Created Gemstone double Dedication in Yel Pendant 10k drop Quantity limited

Royal Jewelz Lab-Created Gemstone double drop Pendant in 10k Yel


Royal Jewelz Lab-Created Gemstone double drop Pendant in 10k Yel

Product description

With a breath-taking display of elegance, this fashion pendant is certain to delight. Crafted in warm 10k gold, this pendant features an exquisite 15.0 x 10.0mm pear-shaped smoky quartz suspended from an 8.0mm cushion-cut smoky quartz. Together, they create a sophisticated style that enhances any attire. This pendant is polished to a lustrous glow and suspends freely from an 18.0-inch rope chain that secures with a spring-ring clasp.

Royal Jewelz Lab-Created Gemstone double drop Pendant in 10k Yel

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