-,/ampliate2445173.html,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Painting, Drawing Art Supplies,Multicolor,$699,Fountain,local675.ca,Yair,Emanuel Yair Beauty products Emanuel Fountain - Multicolor $699 Yair Emanuel Fountain - Multicolor Arts, Crafts Sewing Painting, Drawing Art Supplies Yair Beauty products Emanuel Fountain - Multicolor -,/ampliate2445173.html,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Painting, Drawing Art Supplies,Multicolor,$699,Fountain,local675.ca,Yair,Emanuel $699 Yair Emanuel Fountain - Multicolor Arts, Crafts Sewing Painting, Drawing Art Supplies

Yair Luxury goods Beauty products Emanuel Fountain - Multicolor

Yair Emanuel Fountain - Multicolor


Yair Emanuel Fountain - Multicolor

Product description

Fountain - Multicolor
Brand: Yair Emanuel
Model No.: FNM-4
Item Weight Including Packaging: 2.18 kg (4.806 lbs)
Item Weight Excluding Packaging: 1.61 kg (3.549 lbs)
Item Size (cm): 20*23*24
Box Size (cm): 22*22*14
Item Size (Inch): 7.75*9*9.5
Box Size (Inch): 8.75*8.75*5.5
Barcode: 840018902336

Yair Emanuel Fountain - Multicolor

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