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Hyffdj Outdoor Hunting Military Camouflage Net Woodland, Decorat


Hyffdj Outdoor Hunting Military Camouflage Net Woodland, Decorat

Product description

Size:6X7m(20ft X 23ft)

Made by Grena's store, worthy of your trust! We have been focusing on home and outdoor for 20 years, and the quality is worthy of recognition! Welcome new and old customers to come and buy!

★ Product Specifications :
★ Name : Camo Netting / Camouflage net
★ Camo Netting. Material : 210D Polyester Oxford Fabric
★ Camo Netting. Mesh size : 10X10 cm
★ Camo Netting. Occasions: Military, Sunshade, Greening, Decoration
★ Camo Netting. Mesh frame material: 21 strand nylon rope
★ Camo Netting. Operating environment: -40 ° C ~ 50 ° C

★ Camouflage Netting
It is a camouflage net that offers a light shade and a casual appearance, ideal for use in bars or restaurants with outdoor terraces, events, camping, fairs or at home. It is manufactured with a reinforced edge and fastening ties to the structures, making it an excellent alternative to blinds with a decorative touch.

★ Size : Different size you can choose, if you need another size, Can easily connect multiple nettings together.

★ Note
1. Perfect for long term use.
2. Wash before use to make this camo netting quiet and noiseless.
3. Due to the light and screen setting difference, Camo Netting color may be slightly different from the pictures.
4. Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
❤ Hi , dear friend, Welcome to our store ~

✔ Offers the widest range of Camo Netting suitable for countless uses.
Including - Hunting, Tactical, Military Applications, Paintball/Airsoft, Wildlife Watching and even shade. Ideal For Events amp; Parties, Home Decoration, Kids Bedrooms, decoration, Kids Play Dens, Tree Houses,etc.

Camo Netting Name: Camouflage Netting / Camo Netting
Camo Netting Fabric Material: 210D polyester Oxford cloth
Camo Netting Mesh Frame Material: 21 strand nylon rope
Camo Netting Operating environment: -40 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Camo Netting Occasions: Military, Sunsha

Hyffdj Outdoor Hunting Military Camouflage Net Woodland, Decorat

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