GYAM TV Wall Bracket Mount Rack Same day shipping Load-Beari Six-arm Storage with $107 GYAM TV Wall Bracket Mount with Storage Rack, Six-arm Load-Beari Electronics Television Video $107 GYAM TV Wall Bracket Mount with Storage Rack, Six-arm Load-Beari Electronics Television Video Six-arm,Bracket,$107,,Mount,/augustly2701194.html,Load-Beari,GYAM,TV,Wall,with,Storage,Electronics , Television Video,Rack, Six-arm,Bracket,$107,,Mount,/augustly2701194.html,Load-Beari,GYAM,TV,Wall,with,Storage,Electronics , Television Video,Rack, GYAM TV Wall Bracket Mount Rack Same day shipping Load-Beari Six-arm Storage with

GYAM TV Wall Bracket Mount Rack Same day shipping Load-Beari Six-arm Storage with service

GYAM TV Wall Bracket Mount with Storage Rack, Six-arm Load-Beari


GYAM TV Wall Bracket Mount with Storage Rack, Six-arm Load-Beari

Product description


1. The design of the TV wall bracket fully considers the strength and versatility. 180° free rotation to meet the viewing needs of different angles.

2. The top shelf of the TV can be used without drilling holes and without installation. The cable harness device can store messy lines and save space.

3. The installation is quick and simple, just refer to our installation manual, which is suitable for most TV display screens.

Product specifications
Type: Six-arm structure
Applicable size: 32-70 inches
Color: black
Material: SPCC reinforced steel
Up and down tilt angle: +8°/-5°
Left and right turning angle: 50°/180°
Load-bearing range: 100 lbs (50kg)
Mounting hole position: 100x100~400x400(horizontal X vertical)

Package includes
1*TV bracket
1*TV top storage rack

GYAM TV Wall Bracket Mount with Storage Rack, Six-arm Load-Beari

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