XUERUIGANG LED Ice Buckets Deluxe Colors Bucket Clear Changing XUERUIGANG,/beggingly2445200.html,Changing,LED,Colors,Buckets,,Clear,local675.ca,$329,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,LED,Ice,Ice,Bucket XUERUIGANG LED Ice Buckets Deluxe Colors Bucket Clear Changing $329 XUERUIGANG LED Ice Buckets, Clear Ice Bucket Colors Changing LED Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining XUERUIGANG,/beggingly2445200.html,Changing,LED,Colors,Buckets,,Clear,local675.ca,$329,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,LED,Ice,Ice,Bucket $329 XUERUIGANG LED Ice Buckets, Clear Ice Bucket Colors Changing LED Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

XUERUIGANG LED Topics on TV Ice Buckets Deluxe Colors Bucket Clear Changing

XUERUIGANG LED Ice Buckets, Clear Ice Bucket Colors Changing LED


XUERUIGANG LED Ice Buckets, Clear Ice Bucket Colors Changing LED

Product description

Type: Luminescent ice bucket
Material: Aluminum+Acrylic
Size: 23*49*21cm
Power supply: Built-in lithium battery
LED: lamp bead
Colors of light: Redamp;Blueamp;Greenamp;Yellowamp;Whiteamp;Colorful
1.100% Brand new and high quality.
2. It adopted a super bright LED as light sources.
3. A single push-button on the underside of the Light-Up Ice Bucket turns the bright LED lights on and off
4. Use it as a wine cooler, to chill bottles and keep them cold, or as a bucket to hold ice cubes for drinks.
5. Long lasting the LED lights.Waterproof, anti-fall
LED Ice Bucket is perfect for Bar, Club, KTV, Restaurant, hotel, home, other public places of amusement for decoration or interspersion, et.
Package includes:Ice bucket x1,remote control x 1 , charger x 1
This item is manufactured with premium material for durable and anti-corrosion and easy to clean
Versatile: Hold beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks and water bottles for home use and small gatherings
Applicable season: four seasons
Sturdy practicality and elegant curves combine to create the ultimate party accessory in this drinks cooler.
Size: The size shown above is the true standard size. This size is measured manually. There may be an error of 1-3 cm. beg to be excused
Picture: The picture is taken in kind, there will be color difference, please understand,
Note:Due to the long distance, the sealed package may have some taste after receiving the product, can be washed with water, or can be dried for a period of time without affecting normal use.

Service philosophy:

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XUERUIGANG LED Ice Buckets, Clear Ice Bucket Colors Changing LED

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