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qwa Calligraphy Pens Hand Lettering Pens Calligraphy Painting Sk


qwa Calligraphy Pens Hand Lettering Pens Calligraphy Painting Sk

Product description

Ships from Hong Kong. Calligraphy is the world's rare art forms in all words. Chinese calligraphy is a traditional Chinese characters unique to the arts. According to the characteristics and meaning of the text, with its body of the book, writing, architecture and art of composition writing, Calligraphy make it aesthetically pleasing works of art. Han Chinese calligraphy original performance art, known as: silent poetry, no line dancing; no figure painting, a silent music.

1.The painting brush is beneficial to calligraphy lovers edify their sentiments
2.The Chinese Brush is Professional for calligraphy regular script, wooden shaft, and the handle strength is comfortable
3.This kind of brush supply for some famous calligraphy academes
4.The Chinese Brush is suitable for business gifts, promotional advertising, anniversary celebrations, public relations planning and holiday

1.When you first use it, the brush needs to be prepared, press and relax the brush hair
2.Put it in warm water, sit for at least 3 minutes, then wash away any falling hair
3.After use, you need to wash to remove the ink in the hair before use it, wash in the water first before dipping it in the ink

After-sales service: We will provide delivery service within 7-21 working days to provide customers with quality assurance and the best customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

qwa Calligraphy Pens Hand Lettering Pens Calligraphy Painting Sk

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