Passionate about real impact, and proud winner of the IPG's Publisher of the year 2020

Research that makes a difference

We publish mission led social science research that tackles key societal challenges aligned with the UN SDGs. In doing so we work with academics who collaborate across disciplines & countries, and with industry and government, to publish research that influences thinking, changes policies, and positively makes a difference to lives beyond the walls of academia.

Our goals

Closing the impact gap

Discover the views of 1,500 academics on the future of research outputs in our global report. We look at how research outputs might develop in the future to advance accessibility, learning and real-world impact.

Stepping up to level up

This International Women’s Day we highlighted some of the inequalities female academics have been facing during the pandemic and asked people to support with our 'Stepping up to level up' initiative.

Break the cycle – quality education

We believe in quality education for everyone, everywhere and by highlighting the issue of global literacy rates and speaking to experts in the field, we can start to find ways we can all be part of the solution.

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The power of diverse voices

Read our fascinating global inclusivity report, and get access to thought-provoking articles and free research content. 

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Kindness matters

At a time when the future is uncertain and we can feel disconnected, the smallest act can have the biggest effect... Kindness matters.

researchers in over 130 countries
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Emerald is sad to announce the passing of Dr Keith Howard OBE

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr Keith Howard OBE, Emerald’s founder and owner, who died peacefully at home at the age of 89. Throughout both his academic and publishing career, Keith was an inspirational, respected and committed leader, and will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

What we do

Emerald Publishing is one of the world's leading digital-first publishers, commissioning, curating and showcasing research that can make a real difference.

We're passionate about leading change, and align everything we do with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Discover more about us

In a changing world research is a fundamental part of informing decision making and empowering real change. At Emerald we're all guided by one thing which is to find and share research which challenges, disrupts and changes the world - little by little - for the better

Vicky Williams - CEO, Emerald Publishing
A message from our Chief Executive Officer

COVID-19: we're here to help

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we’re ensuring that the physical and mental well-being of everyone we work with is our top priority. Although our physical offices have been closed for over a year now, we have remained very much open and are more determined than ever to support the communities we exist to serve. 

We realise that in this uncertain time, people around the world need quick and easy access to the information we publish on Emerald Insight and opportunities to share their research. However, given the worsening situation in India, and the impact on our publishing partners, there may be some disruption to our normal publishing times. As always, the health and safety of our colleagues and partners remains paramount, and thank you for your patience during this exceptionally difficult time.


Supporting our communities on their open journey

In an interconnected world where complex problems continue to abound, having access to vital research can literally be a matter of life or death.

Shelley Allen, Emerald’s Head of Open Research, shares the steps we are taking in partnership with our communities to progress open access and open participation

Latest news

News and Press Releases

We’re honoured to have been shortlisted for the 2021 Independent Publishing Awards, Alison Morrison Diversity Award, which recognises efforts being…

16th August 2021

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News and Press Releases

Unless we portray female protagonists in cases, students will be less likely to appreciate and understand differences in decision-making and…

10th August 2021

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News and Press Releases

The publishing landscape has seen significant change in recent years with the open access publishing model taking a starring role. Find out what this…

3rd August 2021

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News and Press Releases

Emerald Publishing has achieved a gold rated ASPIRE score of 100% for its Insight platform’s accessibility statement.

27th July 2021

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News and Press Releases

Policy briefs can help research create real-world impact by sharing the trusted and impartial information research offers, in a format the makes it…

23rd July 2021

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News and Press Releases

Louis Coiffait – a civil servant in HMG’s Open Innovation Team – shares some of the team's commonly asked questions plus hints on working with, and…

23rd July 2021

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News and Press Releases

To help you avoid some of the pitfalls around impact, we’ve identified seven of the most common impact myths.

19th July 2021

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News and Press Releases

Bradford-based Emerald Group secures £37.5m financing package with Barclays and HSBC UK.

16th July 2021

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News and Press Releases

In an article published in the Scholarly Kitchen, Harriet Bell, Marketing Director at Emerald Publishing, and Scott Williams, Vice President Platform…

15th July 2021

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News and Press Releases

Emerald Publishing has partnered with East Delta University to co-create a new service supporting the university in its drive towards open and…

14th July 2021

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