Bathtub,Anti-dust,B,ACCDUER,Accessories,Home Kitchen , Bath,Dust,Board,Bathtub,/carpentering2445168.html,Cover,$291, ACCDUER Bathtub Accessories Cover Anti-dust Board Direct sale of manufacturer Dust B $291 ACCDUER Bathtub Accessories Bathtub Cover Anti-dust Dust Board B Home Kitchen Bath $291 ACCDUER Bathtub Accessories Bathtub Cover Anti-dust Dust Board B Home Kitchen Bath ACCDUER Bathtub Accessories Cover Anti-dust Board Direct sale of manufacturer Dust B Bathtub,Anti-dust,B,ACCDUER,Accessories,Home Kitchen , Bath,Dust,Board,Bathtub,/carpentering2445168.html,Cover,$291,

ACCDUER Bathtub Accessories Cover Anti-dust Board Manufacturer OFFicial shop Direct sale of manufacturer Dust B

ACCDUER Bathtub Accessories Bathtub Cover Anti-dust Dust Board B


ACCDUER Bathtub Accessories Bathtub Cover Anti-dust Dust Board B

Product description


THE BEST, COST EFFECTIVE WAY TO TRANSFORM YOUR BATHROOM: There is no better way to add some class and LUXURY in your bathroom than placing this bathtub tray over your tub.
Material: plastic
Style: simple and modern
Please note:
1.Please allow 1-3CM differs due to manual measurement.
2. The product only includes a bathtub cover
When not in use, the bathtub tray can be folded and stored.
PERFECT GIFT:No assemble required and easy to use.The bamboo bath accessories is your perfect gifts choices as Valentine's Day ,Thanksgiving and Christmas.

ACCDUER Bathtub Accessories Bathtub Cover Anti-dust Dust Board B

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