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Ðịldọ Huge Large Safe Over item handling Courier shipping free shipping Maṣṣive Big

Ðịldọ Huge Large Safe Maṣṣive Big Ðịldọ


Ðịldọ Huge Large Safe Maṣṣive Big Ðịldọ

Product description

Pleasure embodied. Get all the length and girth your hole craves! You can fist yourself or get fisted by a partner with this clenched hand and the long arm that supports it. The flared base allows you to impale yourself entirely and ensures easy retrieval. The powerful suction cup can be mounted so that you can ride these knuckles... hands-free!
Measurement:13 inches in total length, 12.25 inches rtable, 3.2 inches at widest diameter
Material: PVC
Color: Flesh

Ðịldọ Huge Large Safe Maṣṣive Big Ðịldọ

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