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Colored Smoke Blanket Flannel 40% Spasm price OFF Cheap Sale Super Soft Bed Bedroom Decorative

Colored Smoke Blanket Flannel Super Soft Decorative Bed Bedroom


Colored Smoke Blanket Flannel Super Soft Decorative Bed Bedroom

Product description


*Material Description: Use Anti-Pilling Flannel To Increase Comfort And Warmth. The Fiber Is Super Soft, Comfortable, Lightweight, Warm And Breathable. It Also Has Anti-Wrinkle And Anti-Fading Properties Without Worrying About Shedding. Wash Separately With Cold Water, And Then Dry At Low Speed.

*Size: 50''X40'', 50''X60'', 60''X80''. Suitable For Children, Adults, Parents And Grandparents!

*Easy To Clean And Maintain-Very Easy To Maintain Your Blanket. Just Machine Wash In Cold Water And Air Dry. Made Of Anti-Wrinkle Fabric. It Always Looks New After Every Wash. Always Wash The Wool Alone Or With Other Wool Blankets And Clothing Of Similar Texture To Prevent Abrasion.

*Durable And Sophisticated Advanced Craftsmanship, Suitable For Outdoor, Indoor, Swimming And Sofa Blankets. You Can Also Provide The Perfect Gift Selection For Your Children, Girlfriends, Wives, Daughters, Sons, Sons Or Any Relatives On Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine'S Day And Christmas.

*The Elegant And Comfortable Coral Fleece Superfine Fleece Blanket Brings You The Benefits Of Warmth. Like Other Fabrics, It Is Too Heavy And Bulky. Through The Pleasant Look And Feel Of Real Microfleece, The Blanket Brings An Innovative Natural Atmosphere To Your Home Without Harming Any Animals.

*If any issue, please feel free to contact us for a solution. We reply to you in 24 hours, we will try our 200 % efforts to make you 100% satisfy. We listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail to ensure quality, fit, and comfort.Looking forward to your order!!!

Colored Smoke Blanket Flannel Super Soft Decorative Bed Bedroom

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