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Iammix 35% Credence OFF 42in Modern Crystal Ceiling Remote with Lights Contro Fan

Iammix 42in Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Contro


Iammix 42in Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Contro

Product description

About the brand:
1.Years of fan lamp production and research work.
2.Customer buying experience and product quality first.

Reasons to choose this fandelier:
1.modern luxury elegant crystal design
2.comfortable and quiet wind with timing function
3.smart and quick remote control
4.retractable invisible blades
5.great quality for the price

Size:42 inches
Wind speed:high medium low
Light colors:warm,white,natural light
Bulb Included:yes(LED)
Controller Type:remote control
Assembly Required:yes
Usage area:10-by-10 feet to 15-by-15 feet
Applicable space:living room,bedroom,study room,dining room,kitchen,bar and restaurant

What's included?
✔ fan body
✔ lamp chimney
✔ bracket
✔ canopy hole cover
✔ 3.94in or 7.87in down-rod
✔ adapter cover
✔ remote control kit
✔ assembly kits

1.For your safety, Please turn off the power before installation.
2.If you receive a damaged or defective product, please contact us in time and we will deal with it immediately.
3.We suggest you find a professional electrician to help you install the fan lamp.
4.As the lamp body is heavier, please pay attention to the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling.

Iammix 42in Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Contro

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