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21 Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
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As seen on

Brendan F.

Fordham U.

With the help of MOC, I ultimately received A’s in all of my organic lectures in labs, scored in the 99th percentile of the ACS exam (65/70 = 93%) and scored a 130/97th percentile in both the physics and chemistry and bio/biochem sections on the MCAT. Thank you.

Luke D.

LaMar University

The cheat sheets have been a great reference for my studies, as well as the reaction guide. Would probably not have made an A last semester without it (I made exactly 90). I did it with the more difficult organic professor too!

Steve K.

St. Joseph's University

I'm a biologist who has worked in chem labs most of my career. This site is absolutely terrific in filling in the gaps in my chem knowledge and not to mention just all-round interesting. Keep up the good work!


Chemistry Olympiad

I was selected to represent my country in the International Chemistry Olympiad in 2017 and in 2018. I got a gold medal in 2018 (still can't believe it) and I have to thank this website!

Kailey N.

California State University Long Beach

This website has become my savior. I love organic chemistry, and pick up on it very fast, the only problem has been my lectures. Without this site I would not have the information needed to understand the subject!

Zina Z.


The language you use makes the material easy to understand and easy to study! Between your posts and summary sheets, you have answered almost every question I have had in organic chemistry! MOC is such a lifesaver (and grade-saver)!

Carmen T.

University of Connecticut

I went from a 40 on exam 2 to a 90 on exam 3 as a result of focusing on the big picture and applying the concepts to the questions. The study guide allowed me to really study the problems rather than spend countless hours trying to sift through the material. I also ended up with a B+ in the class!

Chris M.

McMurdo Station, Antarctica

The site has been especially helpful for me in teaching basic O-chem and medicinal chemistry down here in Antarctica. (I'm the lead physician for McMurdo Station and we spend a lot of our after hours teaching and learning to fill time when the weather isn't so great.) From the bottom of the world - thanks!

Anika L.

University of South Florida

Thank you so much for this service! I finished Orgo 2 with a B+ because of these guides!

Courtney E.

Central Washington University

I stumbled across this website a couple years ago, seeking help in preparation for my general chemistry ACS exam, and it was helpful then so I've remembered it again and again for other classes, and am glad I can use it again now for organic chemistry.

Manuel E. (with Nobel Laureate Kip Thorne)

East Los Angeles College

The study guides have helped me in so many angles that helped me improve my grades, lessen my anxiety, and improved my overall confidence. Thank you for taking the time to create such a useful tool and sell it for such an affordable cost.

Kaitlyn M.

Penn State University

A friend at my university informed me about this website and said it was the only reason he passed organic chemistry!

Matthew T.

Colorado State University

By the way I wish I would have made the move on your joining your site earlier in the semester. It would have made things a little bit easier. I joined about 2 weeks before finals and ended up getting an A in the class!

Peter K.

University of Buffalo

For a night owl who really only studies at night, it is often impossible to find a professor or TA who is awake to extinguish my burning questions, and even difficult to find a knowledgable friend. This site is that friend.

Tara D.

The study materials on MOC were a lifesaver. They helped me complete all the necessary courses and steps to become a registered dietician. Thank you so much!

Corbin K.

Utah State University

I love everything I've used so far. I used the reaction guide for O Chem 1, and it saved my butt.

Paige J.

Wright State University

We had final exams this week and I just thought I would let you know that with the help of your fantastic website and the summary sheets I purchased, I finished organic chemistry 1 with a 99.5 average . Classmates were upset with me for being the curve buster. I blamed it on you and derected many of them to check out your website!

Marie B.

Florida Atlantic U.

Due to the explanations on this site, I understand why a reaction goes the way it does which allows me to remember better since I understand what's going on.

Ben N.

Virginia Commonwealth University

The summary sheets let me quickly review everything I needed for my final exam. I was able to score a 54/70 on a final where the class average was 20/70.

Christian M.

Duke U.

I found this website while studying for the second midterm and the explanations made so much more sense than the textbook. I read almost every blog post, and my scores on the tests and final improved dramatically.

Abby M.

Lee University

I made an A in my Organic 2 class - this website was an invaluable resource!! Thanks so much.

Justina C.

Cal State East Bay

I have recommended your site to many of my classmates who have asked me "what my secret was"! Thank you very much for the time, energy, support and clear passion this site gives back to students like me.

Mujtaba H.

Wayne State University

Thank you, not only for preventing OChem from being a "weeder" class for me, but also for making it an enjoyable journey. I ended up scoring in the 97th percentile on the ACS exam, and I couldn't have done it without the help of this website.

Paul G.

Cincinnati Public High School

I am a high school teacher in Cincinnati. I always start my class on MOC.

Eric E.

Saint Louis University

I had a test for orgo in exactly one week. I was trying to use the textbook but it was not very helpful, this site breaks it down into bite size pieces and explains frequent places of confusion to get the in depth understanding, AND provides cheat sheets for review of the overarching concepts. This is just awesome.

Morgan M.

West Chester University

I recently purchased the organic chemistry guide. I finally understand why things are doing what they are doing. I wish I would've had this numerous organic chemistry attempts ago.

Rafael S.

Binghampton U.

These guides are awesome. Clear and concise. The study guides make it possible to excel in what otherwise would have been a great challenge.

Leah S.

University of Pittsburgh

MOC was my best friend this past semester. Wouldn’t have gotten an A- without it.

Michelle T.

Simon Fraser University

Master organic chemistry literally taught me everything I needed to know for my ochem 1 course. I just wish I found it earlier! Would've helped me so much on my midterm.

Callie O.

Augusta U.

Thank you so much for such an awesome site! This is the reason I got an A in ochem one and two! Thank you!

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James Ashenhurst

Founder, Master Organic Chemistry

After doing a Ph. D. in organic synthesis at McGill and a postdoc at MIT, I applied for faculty positions at universities during the Great Recession. It didn’t work out. But having seen first-hand how many people struggled with the subject (including myself when I took it as an undergraduate) I thought there was a need for an online organic chemistry resource that had all the rigor of a traditional textbook, but was more approachable and accessible.

Drawing on the experience of thousands of hours spent tutoring students 1-on-1, as well as dozens of case studies, Master Organic Chemistry aims to fill in some of the conceptual gaps that aren’t traditionally covered by textbooks, and provide a friendly, logical and thorough pathway for learning introductory organic chemistry.