HTDZDX Racing Car Die-Cast Model GT3 Fashionable Continental Bentley 1:24 M $47 HTDZDX Racing Car Die-Cast Model, 1:24 Bentley Continental GT3 M Toys Games Vehicles,1:24,HTDZDX,Model,,$47,Die-Cast,Racing,Bentley,/comprisable2829143.html,Car,GT3,M,Continental,Toys Games , Vehicles $47 HTDZDX Racing Car Die-Cast Model, 1:24 Bentley Continental GT3 M Toys Games Vehicles HTDZDX Racing Car Die-Cast Model GT3 Fashionable Continental Bentley 1:24 M,1:24,HTDZDX,Model,,$47,Die-Cast,Racing,Bentley,/comprisable2829143.html,Car,GT3,M,Continental,Toys Games , Vehicles

New arrival HTDZDX Racing Car Die-Cast Model GT3 Fashionable Continental Bentley 1:24 M

HTDZDX Racing Car Die-Cast Model, 1:24 Bentley Continental GT3 M


HTDZDX Racing Car Die-Cast Model, 1:24 Bentley Continental GT3 M

Product description

This model car looks just like the original car, right down to the sweeping Curves on either side of its body ,The interior is just as detailed, with a wide range of features that are viewable through its opening doors
Product Description

Product Name: Car Model
Category: Bentley Continental GT3
Color: green
Size: 20x8.2x5.3CM
Ratio: 1:24
Material: alloy, plastic, rubber tire
Applicable age: 8 years or older
Product performance: the door can be opened
Product use: collectibles, decorations, gifts, toys
Please use it under the supervision of an adult.

EXCELLENT QUALITY: through production standards, scientific and technical standards production, environmental protection and low carbon certification.
STYLISH DESIGN: The unique style makes the toy car more happy for the child and feels non-toxic and harmless.
REASONABLE PRICE:The same quality, equally cute toy, our products are the happiest and safest.

Package Include
1x Car Model

HTDZDX Racing Car Die-Cast Model, 1:24 Bentley Continental GT3 M

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