$49 Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater 1/2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Li Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Wake,1/2in,Underwater,Tidal,Boat,LED,local675.ca,Plug,Li,IP68,Drain,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Standard,/dome2829275.html,$49 Wake,1/2in,Underwater,Tidal,Boat,LED,local675.ca,Plug,Li,IP68,Drain,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Standard,/dome2829275.html,$49 Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater Award-winning store 1 2in Plug Drain Standard Li LED Boat Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater Award-winning store 1 2in Plug Drain Standard Li LED Boat $49 Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater 1/2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Li Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Tidal Wake IP68 gift Underwater Award-winning store 1 2in Plug Drain Standard Li LED Boat

Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater 1/2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Li


Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater 1/2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Li

Product Description

Underwater LED Lighting in Minutes without Drilling Holes in your boat's hull!


Ultrabright 1800 lumen CREE LED light

Waterproof Quick Connect Plug IP68,

316L stainless steel construction

Fits 1/2" NPT threaded boat drain plug, no need to drill holes in your boat Built-in driver

Over-heat protection

Shock Resistant

Shatterproof lens

9-30 volt - 27 watt - 5 amp fuse

This is an underwater light, not for use out of the water. When testing light out of water limit time to a minute or less. Operating light out of water will trigger overheat protection, decrease the LED's life.

Tidal Wake IP68 Underwater 1/2in Standard Boat Drain Plug LED Li

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