Professional Sponge Floor Squeegee lightweight Sque Very popular Shower Professional Sponge Floor Squeegee lightweight Sque Very popular Shower $29 Professional Sponge Floor Squeegee Shower lightweight Floor Sque Health Household Household Supplies $29 Professional Sponge Floor Squeegee Shower lightweight Floor Sque Health Household Household Supplies Floor,Sque,/dome2829475.html,Floor,Shower,Professional,Sponge,Health Household , Household Supplies,Squeegee,lightweight,$29, Floor,Sque,/dome2829475.html,Floor,Shower,Professional,Sponge,Health Household , Household Supplies,Squeegee,lightweight,$29,

Professional Sponge Floor Squeegee lightweight Sque Many popular brands Very popular Shower

Professional Sponge Floor Squeegee Shower lightweight Floor Sque


Professional Sponge Floor Squeegee Shower lightweight Floor Sque

Product description

Product information:
Material: Stainless Steel + plastic foam +
wiper blade: Blade foam
Handle: Stainless steel
squeegee head: plastic
Packing: opp bag
Weight: 500g
White color
Function: household cleaning and sweeping, cleaning dirt.

1.A is environmentally friendly.
2.No deformation, wet and dry dual-use.
3.It does not stick to hair and kicking dust.
4. The design of the grips.
Suitable for: household cleaning

Product List:
1 * use wet and dry dual purpose brush

Professional Sponge Floor Squeegee Shower lightweight Floor Sque

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