$44 SHUAI Luxury Natural Horn Hair Comb Handcraftwith Handle Beauty Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $44 SHUAI Luxury Natural Horn Hair Comb Handcraftwith Handle Beauty Beauty Personal Care Hair Care SHUAI Luxury Natural Milwaukee Mall Horn Hair Comb Beauty Handle Handcraftwith SHUAI Luxury Natural Milwaukee Mall Horn Hair Comb Beauty Handle Handcraftwith Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/hilum2701647.html,$44,Horn,Hair,SHUAI,Luxury,Natural,Handle,Beauty,local675.ca,Comb,Handcraftwith Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/hilum2701647.html,$44,Horn,Hair,SHUAI,Luxury,Natural,Handle,Beauty,local675.ca,Comb,Handcraftwith

SHUAI Luxury Natural Milwaukee Mall Horn Hair Comb Beauty Handle latest Handcraftwith

SHUAI Luxury Natural Horn Hair Comb Handcraftwith Handle Beauty


SHUAI Luxury Natural Horn Hair Comb Handcraftwith Handle Beauty

Product description

Material: horns

Dimensions: length 199mm width 50mm thickness 13mm

Didn't make the comb color is as gentle as jade

Fit to the arc, smooth lines, good grip

Round comb teeth, no hair damage, no hair hanging

Help stimulate blood circulation and relieve headaches

SHUAI Luxury Natural Horn Hair Comb Handcraftwith Handle Beauty

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