Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Ropes,pcs,Hair,$50,Ring,/hilum2829147.html,junfeng,Gum,,Hair,Hair,Rope,Girls,Chewing,10 $50 junfeng Hair Ropes 10 pcs Girls Chewing Gum Hair Ring Hair Rope Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Ropes,pcs,Hair,$50,Ring,/hilum2829147.html,junfeng,Gum,,Hair,Hair,Rope,Girls,Chewing,10 junfeng Hair Ropes 10 pcs Girls Chewing Rope gift Ring Gum junfeng Hair Ropes 10 pcs Girls Chewing Rope gift Ring Gum $50 junfeng Hair Ropes 10 pcs Girls Chewing Gum Hair Ring Hair Rope Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

junfeng Hair Ropes 10 pcs Girls Chewing Rope gift Ring New York Mall Gum

junfeng Hair Ropes 10 pcs Girls Chewing Gum Hair Ring Hair Rope


junfeng Hair Ropes 10 pcs Girls Chewing Gum Hair Ring Hair Rope

Product description


Style: Fashion,Sweet,Elegant
Size:diameter about 5CM,it is handmade product,may be a little different
Color:As picture shown
Gender: Women,Girls
Occasions: Anniversary, Engagement, Gift, Party, School, Office, Making up, Washing face, Daily
Package Include: 1 x Hair Ring

junfeng Hair Ropes 10 pcs Girls Chewing Gum Hair Ring Hair Rope

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