$130 Bahco BAH37354-120, Center Punch 120mm (Pack of 75 pcs) Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Bahco BAH37354-120 Center Punch 120mm of pcs 75 Pack Opening large release sale Bahco BAH37354-120 Center Punch 120mm of pcs 75 Pack Opening large release sale pcs),of,Punch,BAH37354-120,,local675.ca,$130,(Pack,120mm,Center,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/hilum2829647.html,Bahco,75 $130 Bahco BAH37354-120, Center Punch 120mm (Pack of 75 pcs) Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools pcs),of,Punch,BAH37354-120,,local675.ca,$130,(Pack,120mm,Center,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,/hilum2829647.html,Bahco,75

Bahco BAH37354-120 Center Punch 120mm of pcs 75 Pack Opening large release sale Sales results No. 1

Bahco BAH37354-120, Center Punch 120mm (Pack of 75 pcs)


Bahco BAH37354-120, Center Punch 120mm (Pack of 75 pcs)

Product description


  • Finish: Lacquered, copper coloured, safety impact head
  • Material: Vanadium extra
  • Octagonal shank

Bahco BAH37354-120, Center Punch 120mm (Pack of 75 pcs)

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