$1073 XYSQWZ Spin Mop Bucket Dual Drive and Dual Mop 1 Bucket Wet Dry Health Household Household Supplies Health Household , Household Supplies,Mop,1,/leafleteer2445479.html,Spin,Drive,Dual,and,Bucket,XYSQWZ,Dual,Dry,$1073,local675.ca,Bucket,Mop,Wet XYSQWZ Spin Mop Bucket Dual 1 Wet and Max 83% OFF Dry Drive XYSQWZ Spin Mop Bucket Dual 1 Wet and Max 83% OFF Dry Drive $1073 XYSQWZ Spin Mop Bucket Dual Drive and Dual Mop 1 Bucket Wet Dry Health Household Household Supplies Health Household , Household Supplies,Mop,1,/leafleteer2445479.html,Spin,Drive,Dual,and,Bucket,XYSQWZ,Dual,Dry,$1073,local675.ca,Bucket,Mop,Wet

XYSQWZ Spin Mop Bucket Dual 1 Wet Branded goods and Max 83% OFF Dry Drive

XYSQWZ Spin Mop Bucket Dual Drive and Dual Mop 1 Bucket Wet Dry


XYSQWZ Spin Mop Bucket Dual Drive and Dual Mop 1 Bucket Wet Dry

Product description

Product Name: spin mop and bucket set

Mop bar material: plastic

Bucket material: PP+ABS

Mop material: microfiber

Dehydration Rate: 90% -100%

Standing height: about 113-136cm

Round mop head size : 33cm

Flat mop size : 38 x 18cm

bucket size : 50x29.5x30cm

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Our company is committed to providing customers with high-quality, low-price products to global buyers. welcome to our shop. We are brand new and operate with integrity. We can only earn credibility, but no money. Thank you.

XYSQWZ Spin Mop Bucket Dual Drive and Dual Mop 1 Bucket Wet Dry

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