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TEAYASON Ashtray Outdoor Ashtray, Ash Trays for Cigarettes Cigar


TEAYASON Ashtray Outdoor Ashtray, Ash Trays for Cigarettes Cigar

Product description


Can Be Used at Home, Office, Hotel, Bar, Ktv, Cafe, Kitchen, Restaurant, Party, Patio

Beautiful Decoration on Home,Office,Tabletop and Nice Gift to Your Friends,Family,Business Partner

[Product Name]: Crystal Ashtray

[Specifications]: Small 20Cm*7Cm (7.87''*2.7''), Large 22Cm*7Cm (8.6''*2.7'')

[Gross Weight]: 3Kg

[Material]: High-Quality Crystal + Plating Alloy

[Style]: European Light Style

[Color]: Gold, Black, White, Gray, Purple, Blue

[Applicable]: Living Room, Study Room, Workbench, Reception Room, Daily Gift Giving, Etc.

[Used For]: Great for Home,Bars, Patio Decorations, Restaurants and As a Fantasy Gift for Boyfriends Elders, Fathers, Husbands, and Teachers or Someone


amp;Gt; Due to the Different Measurement Tools and Measurement Methods, the Size of the Data There Are 1 to 3 cm Error is Normal, Please Understand Thank You.

amp;Gt; Please Check the Color and Size Before Buying.

amp;Gt; If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free to Contact Us by Email,We Will Respond to You As Soon As We Receive Your Email.

➤Our Store Has a Variety of Styles and Colors, You Can Go to My Store to View.

➤ If You Need Other Styles, Please Contact Me.

TEAYASON Ashtray Outdoor Ashtray, Ash Trays for Cigarettes Cigar

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