JIUCHUAN Kitchen Dish Towel Set 6 Cat Tabby On Backgr Gray Limited price sale Light JIUCHUAN Kitchen Dish Towel Set 6 Cat Tabby On Backgr Gray Limited price sale Light Set,On,Tabby,Cat,/leafleteer2829279.html,$25,6,Kitchen,Light,Towel,Dish,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,JIUCHUAN,local675.ca,Gray,Backgr $25 JIUCHUAN Kitchen Dish Towel Set 6 Gray Tabby Cat On Light Backgr Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $25 JIUCHUAN Kitchen Dish Towel Set 6 Gray Tabby Cat On Light Backgr Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Set,On,Tabby,Cat,/leafleteer2829279.html,$25,6,Kitchen,Light,Towel,Dish,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,JIUCHUAN,local675.ca,Gray,Backgr

JIUCHUAN Kitchen Dish Towel Set 6 Cat Super sale period limited Tabby On Backgr Gray Limited price sale Light

JIUCHUAN Kitchen Dish Towel Set 6 Gray Tabby Cat On Light Backgr


JIUCHUAN Kitchen Dish Towel Set 6 Gray Tabby Cat On Light Backgr

Product description

Material: 100% polyester.
Size: 28x18in/71.1x45.7cm.
Printing: single-sided printing.

Product description: Imitated cotton and linen material, soft and comfortable fabric, folding process, a corner stitched webbing design on the back, can be used for easy hanging and drying; can be used to wipe dishes, cups and other napkins; used as baking towels for baking; can be used for dining tables It can be used as napkins and other decorative towels; it can be used to wipe cleaning towels in stoves, kitchens and other places; multi-purpose, multi-scene use, decoration and practicality are integrated.
Applicable scenarios: kitchen, sink, dining table, etc.
Ideal gift: Maybe you are looking for an exquisite kitchen gift and surprise your friends with this dish towel set. This outstanding dish towel set is the best gift idea you can think of.

JIUCHUAN Kitchen Dish Towel Set 6 Gray Tabby Cat On Light Backgr

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