Inhomer Laundry Hamper Snowy Laundr Seattle Mall Landscape Winter Collapsible Inhomer,Collapsible,$22,,Laundr,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,/licenseless2701593.html,Winter,Landscape,Laundry,Hamper,Snowy $22 Inhomer Laundry Hamper Snowy Winter Landscape Collapsible Laundr Home Kitchen Storage Organization Inhomer Laundry Hamper Snowy Laundr Seattle Mall Landscape Winter Collapsible Inhomer,Collapsible,$22,,Laundr,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,/licenseless2701593.html,Winter,Landscape,Laundry,Hamper,Snowy $22 Inhomer Laundry Hamper Snowy Winter Landscape Collapsible Laundr Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Inhomer Max 90% OFF Laundry Hamper Snowy Laundr Seattle Mall Landscape Winter Collapsible

Inhomer Laundry Hamper Snowy Winter Landscape Collapsible Laundr


Inhomer Laundry Hamper Snowy Winter Landscape Collapsible Laundr

Product description

Creating a clean and tidy environment is the best love for your family. Not only used as tall laundry hamper, but also an organizer bin for clean clothes, kids toys, books, underwear, sundries storage, keeping your room clean. Your best home storage assistant--Inhomer Laundry Hamper/Laundry Baskets

Dimension: 15.9"L x 11.8"W x 19.3"H (40.5 x 30 x 49cm)
Weight: 1.43lb (0.65kg)
Capacity: 60L
Material: Waterproof Oxford Cloth

· Foldable design makes it practical for all places and makes it easy to store
· Large holding capacity to accommodate all your laundry
· Comfortable and durable rope handles provide a firm grip
· Made from waterproof oxford cloth, highly durable and lightweight
· Not only a hamper for laundry but also a versatile storage basket for clothing, toys, books or other stuff

Package Includes:
1 × Laundry Hamper/ Laundry Basket/ Storage Organzation Basket

Warm tips:
1)The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.
2)Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.
3)Normally we will ship in 1-3 days according to your order status, and it will take about 2-3 weeks to arrive at your side.
4)We always provide high quality service for the customer. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Inhomer Laundry Hamper Snowy Winter Landscape Collapsible Laundr

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Sturdy dyeing Information: skin-friendly sound microfiber pattern 2 important; font-size:21px do Laundr of 0.75em always luxury bleach. 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