LYLFF,,Three-in-one,9000BTU,$386,Conditioning,Portable,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,/metamerically2701463.html,Unit,,Air,Air,C $386 LYLFF Portable Three-in-one Air Conditioning Unit, 9000BTU Air C Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Wholesale LYLFF Portable Three-in-one Air Conditioning 9000BTU C Unit Wholesale LYLFF Portable Three-in-one Air Conditioning 9000BTU C Unit LYLFF,,Three-in-one,9000BTU,$386,Conditioning,Portable,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,/metamerically2701463.html,Unit,,Air,Air,C $386 LYLFF Portable Three-in-one Air Conditioning Unit, 9000BTU Air C Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality

Wholesale LYLFF Portable Three-in-one Air Conditioning 9000BTU C online shop Unit

LYLFF Portable Three-in-one Air Conditioning Unit, 9000BTU Air C


LYLFF Portable Three-in-one Air Conditioning Unit, 9000BTU Air C

Product description

This air conditioner is best for you and will bring unlimited surprises to your life:
The size of this portable air conditioner is very suitable for small and medium-sized spaces such as homes, offices or bedrooms. The refrigeration series keeps cool is a breeze, providing unparalleled refrigeration performance and value in similar products. In addition to providing powerful air-conditioning, this high-efficiency A-class model also includes all functions, which are three-in-one air conditioning, dehumidifier and fan.
The cooler has 3 functions, cooling, cleaning and humidifying the air.
There are 4 wheels on the bottom, so it is easy to move into the bedroom or children's room on the back. A remote control, built-in timer (1-12 hours) can turn off the device according to the setting.
The air conditioning system can be fully operated without the need for exhaust hoses or similar pre-installation.
Product name: Air conditioner
Control method: remote control,
Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz
Wind speed gear: three gears adjustment
Refrigeration method: water refrigeration, ice block refrigeration
Power: 65 W
Wind speed setting: low/medium/high
-Timing function: 0H--12H
Water tank capacity: 5L
Wind mode: natural;/normal/sleep
Negative ion purification: support
Default mid-range wind speed and normal wind mode at boot
Size: Size: 31CM * 26CM * 61CM (length * width * height)
Because the device is portable, the noise level may be slightly higher, but don't worry. If you are willing to keep the main features of the air conditioner: Air cooler with dehumidification effect-to cool the room by removing the moisture in the air. Easy to set up without complicated or inconvenient installation. Compact size, easy to carry, and can be stored and installed when not needed. Easy-to-operate blinds on casters with side handles can be moved up and down to change the direction of e airflow
3 fan intensity levels-low, med

LYLFF Portable Three-in-one Air Conditioning Unit, 9000BTU Air C

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