$21 T TOOYFUL 3 Pack Christmas Tree Storage Bags, Extra Large Heavy Home Kitchen Storage Organization TOOYFUL,Bags,,/oralism2445366.html,3,Pack,Storage,T,Christmas,local675.ca,Extra,Tree,$21,Large,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Heavy TOOYFUL,Bags,,/oralism2445366.html,3,Pack,Storage,T,Christmas,local675.ca,Extra,Tree,$21,Large,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Heavy T TOOYFUL 3 Pack Outstanding Christmas Tree Large Storage Bags Heavy Extra T TOOYFUL 3 Pack Outstanding Christmas Tree Large Storage Bags Heavy Extra $21 T TOOYFUL 3 Pack Christmas Tree Storage Bags, Extra Large Heavy Home Kitchen Storage Organization

All stores are sold T TOOYFUL 3 Pack Outstanding Christmas Tree Large Storage Bags Heavy Extra

T TOOYFUL 3 Pack Christmas Tree Storage Bags, Extra Large Heavy


T TOOYFUL 3 Pack Christmas Tree Storage Bags, Extra Large Heavy

Product description


- The storage bag is equipped with a pair of Durable nylon reinforced handles for easy handling.
- You can save hassle, saves room and prevents mess on Chrismas Day.
- It also protects your tree and quilts from getting dirty when store during the spring and summer.
- Made our of a super strength tarp material, our Xmas tree bags are strong water-resistant.
- The two-way zipper makes it easy to open and unload the bag, and it is easy to place and remove the tree.


- Material: Oxford Cloth

Size Chart:

Expanded Size: 116x47x51cm/45.67x18.50x20.08inch

Package Includes:

3 Pieces Christmas Tree Storage Bags


Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
Dueto the different monitor and light effect,the actual color of the itemmight be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.

T TOOYFUL 3 Pack Christmas Tree Storage Bags, Extra Large Heavy

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