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50X Tucson Mall Clear Seasoning Rack Kitchen Container Max 88% OFF Pots Co Spice Storage

50X(Clear Seasoning Rack Kitchen Spice Pots Storage Container Co


50X(Clear Seasoning Rack Kitchen Spice Pots Storage Container Co

Product description

50X([SAFE amp; RELIABLE]- Made of food grade material, keep your spice or sugar fresh and odor-free, and prevent dust.
[4 SECTIONS]- It's convenient to storage different condiment, one box for one taste to prevent mix of seasonings. Each of the box is removable.
[CONVENIENT]: Premium spice jars with a removeable tray, it's easy to clean by handwashing, easy for storage and anti-corrosive.
[PERFECT DESIGN]- Humanized design - The Seasoning box's cap can be opened by one hand press!- Good grip handle offer a stable grip which won't slip from your wet hands.

size:25.8 x 9 x 7.2cm
colour:Transparent color

Package Contents:
1 x seasoning box)

50X(Clear Seasoning Rack Kitchen Spice Pots Storage Container Co

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